16-10-2023 #hindi "Untangling the Knots in Your Mind: Overcoming Mental Blocks." Daily Message Shree Shivkrupanand Swamiji

Posted by Naveen Kumar Nischal on

Just as knotted fabric serves no purpose, a mind entangled with 'knots' or mental barriers can hinder one's ability to accomplish tasks. Explore the concept of mental knots and their impact on human productivity and well-being.

A cloth knotted is of no use, similarly a man knotted in his mind is also of no use.
"गांठें'" मारा हुआ कपड़ा किसी काम का नहीं होता ठीक ऐसा ही मन में गांठें मारा मनुष्य भी कोई काम का नहीं होता।


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